why do they always showcase ‘bullies’ in cartoons as being some punk with a mohawk like

when was the last time you saw a cool guy in a leather jacket not minding his own business it’s usually some basic asshole in a graphic tee that has something to say

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Friendly reminder that Misty Copeland is not the first African American female dancer/soloist with ABT, but the third.

She is the first in about 20 or 30 years, and that is an accomplishment. However, it’s important to acknowledge the women who came before her — Anne Benna Sims and Nora Kimball.

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Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of a different sex: I'm not straight, I'm bisexual
Gay community: you're only saying that because you want to be a part of the Gay Club, you don't belong with us, you're basically just a straight person anyway
Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of the same sex: I'm not gay I'm bisexual
Gay community: why do you feel the need to clarify that? You just want to be one of the straight people, you just want to reassure them that you're Not That Gay, you don't belong with us